When you become a student at Hartpury, you become part of something bigger, part of a community. The #HartpuryFamily, as we know it, is a very special one indeed. You'll join students from all backgrounds, who access specialist support services for a range of different needs.

As a small university, we can provide personalised support, based on your individual requirements and aspirations. Our teams cover wellbeing, achievement and success, learning support, careers, and more.

Our Student Zone, set around a sociable courtyard, will be your one-stop shop for student queries. From wellbeing, safety and employability, to finance, accommodation and IT, our staff will answer your questions or get you set up with someone who can.

Your learning

You’ll be assigned an academic tutor as soon as you arrive, who will support you to reach your study goals. We'll do everything we can to ensure your tutor remains the same person during your studies, to support your academic success.

Our student advisers, based in our University Learning Centre, are on hand to help with course-related matters and, of course, provide the guidance you need on all library resources.

Experts from our Achievement and Success Centre are dedicated to helping you with your studies. Alongside their popular Study Skills workshops, they offer advice and guidance on a whole range of subjects, from academic writing and referencing to revision and overcoming examination nerves.

Your health and happiness

You'll have access to our student wellbeing team, including nurses at our Medical Centre, counsellors and wellbeing officers - they can provide advice and guidance on everything to do with your health and happiness. Our chaplain who can offer a reassuring ear to those of all faiths, as well as spaces for quiet reflection or prayer.

Wellbeing Wednesdays are dedicated to student wellbeing. We run a range of events throughout the year with a different theme each month. From stress-busting walks to mindfulness and yoga, our activities will help you to boost your health and wellbeing while you're here.

Specialist support

You may need a little help adjusting to university study when you arrive; you may have a learning difficulty or disability, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia; you may even have a physical or sensory impairment or a medical condition, such as Asperger’s Syndrome or Attention Deficit Disorder, that will affect your life at Hartpury. Regardless of what it is, we will do our best to provide the support network and plan you need to make the most of Hartpury life.

We understand how important it is is to have support in place as early as possible. That's why we ask that you let us know about your needs in your application. We can then develop a plan and help you apply for any funding needed for specialist equipment, such as the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs). View our NMH rates.